Focus from making standard materials such as ceramic, metals, plastics to produce exterior part toward the internal circuit for betterment of the functionality as well as easiness and cost.


3D Printing the circuit directly on the complex geometry as molded will give an ease of operations cutting down the time and labor cost.

The Internal connectivity of the device is done with fine lines by 3D printing on almost any surfaces which is very viable process with economic solutions as compared to traditional method.

Non flat surface Print

3D Printing eliminates the need for flat circuit boards in cases like antenna, sensors, solar panels, and glucose testing strips.

Heater Patterns

Heater patterns can be created with 3D Printing with same technology which is light weight and saving the tedious task of making slim patterns

Exterior Cabinet/Covers

A device being developed by company according to specific requirements which contains different fittings of gadgets and other electrical components needs a base structure to complete the assembly.

3D Printing helps prototyping these kinds of device covers or cabinets for the first time to set-up the complete assembly and performs the required test with actual look. In this way, the total cost as well as time to develop a component or a device is reduced at great extent.

Modular Switch-board

 Companies doing R&D and producing a range of modular switches for specific systems or devices, 3D printing gives them the freedom of design as well as accessibility to reach and connect with any standard device or board.

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