3D Printing helps to improve the way the patients are treated.


  • The existing wrist braces or cast available currently in the market can be override with new 3D printed ones.
  • These existing products have few limitations or cons as heavy weight, discomfort, itchiness, and smells bad and of course the most important muscle decreases (due to the restricted movement).
  • A patient specific brace improves all those sort of limitations resulting in mobility, water proof, lightweight and the healing process can be monitored by taking X-rays as the 3D Printed brace would be a perfect fit.

The Process works as under

  1. The fractured or injured limb of the patient is scanned by the professional scanners or the MRI data is taken from the Doctor as an input.
  2. The Design team comes in to the picture with all necessary data available. Brace is designed as per the optimized conditions.
  3. The brace is then 3D Printed with FDA approved material such as PLA or other.
  4. The brace then is heated in a hot water and the patient put on the brace according to the comfort and medical aspect to be considered.
  5. The material then gets the shape around the patient’s limb structure as it cooled down.
  6. That’s it. The locking or stripping as per standard method has been done and the brace is ready.

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